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We provide online tuition in small group sessions or individual sessions to supplement and enhance the content taught in a mainstream school environment. Coming soon: Career development platform

Why Us

Covid 19 free learning Environment

Our platform is completely digital no physical interaction with our teachers or subject matter experts. We believe in the safety our students whilst maintaining a superior learning environment.

Achieve your future success

Though engaging with our platform, you will have the opportunity to craft your own path in life whilst being equipped with the relevant tools and knowledge. You will be guided by individuals who are experts in their field.

Learn On Your Own Terms

Book your online learning or career development program at your convenience through a seamless and effortless booking platform. Seek any information through our contact email or WhatsApp line for instantaneous support.

Privacy and Personal Attention

We have the option for personal one on one online lessons and individual career development sessions for those seeking help outside of our group classes. We can tailor a package to suit your individual needs as each individual is different and special in their own ability to learn.


Parental Feedback

Parents have the opportunity to request updates on learners interactions, and outcome of lessons with educators to track the benefit and progress of their child through this platform.

One on One Sessions

This option gives your child the added benefit of interacting with the educator through private tuition where complete focus can be on their personal needs or topics which they need additional help with. This also allows for the introverted learners who are not keen on group participation.

Experienced, qualified educators in the relevant fields

A team of dedicated, highly qualified and motivated educators, who are committed to providing your child with the advantage they need to cross the finishing line in these trying times with the covid19 pandemic that has created a massive challenge to the education of our youth.

Small group sessions (between 2-10 students)

Smaller classes allows for students to feel more comfortable to engage with the educator and also allows for more personal attention.

Live Chat Support

Students can contact their relevant tutor via our business watsapp in the event if they need urgent support during the following hours (excluding public holidays) Mon-Fri : 16h00- 21h00, Saturday & Sunday: 09h00-15h00.

One free individual lesson

Each student will receive a free one on one lesson for every NEW referral who has booked a lesson with our tutors.

Fast & Secure Payment Options

Securing tuition for your child can be quick, easy and safe! We utilise a secure system to manage cashless payments, you just require a debit/credit card and your you will be directed through the website to process your transaction via the Payfast payment gateway.

High Quality Streaming

We are using the latest technology to ensure your child receives the best digital experience with our tutors.

Access to resource banks

Additional material will be uploaded to our resource banks which learners can use as self- assessments or exam prep. Past papers will be uploaded with the memos so that learners do not have to waste time searching for these online.

Examination preparation

Closer to examination, the sessions which are normally used for tuition will be utilised as exam prep sessions in which challenging topics will be revised and past papers will be answered or learners can utilise the one on one lessons to get help on specific topics with which they require additional help.

Mentorship programmes (Entrepreneurship, Corporate, Skills clubs)

In addition to tuition, we are trying to mould young minds and gear them up for the real world and what it has to offer them. The 3 clubs will provide insight and exposure to individuals looking to fine tune their natural abilities. This is available under the career development platform.

Let's work together

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